Oh Well

by Jeff Nowmos

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released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Jeff Nowmos Woodstown, New Jersey

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Track Name: Window
My nose runs
Every time I breathe
My eyes sting
From all I’ve seen

My head cracks
Up against the wall
My phone rings
Every time you call

If there’s something that bugs you
If it eats at your mind
Can’t find an answer
Take your time

And throw it out the window
Throw it out the window
See if it flies

My heart hurts
Every time I eat
My soul bleeds
When I cross the street

My hair burns
In the noonday sun
My ears buzz
When they’re having fun

If there’s something that bugs you
If it eats at your mind
Can’t find an answer
Take your time

And throw it out the window
Throw it out the window
See if it flies
Track Name: Never Going Home
I know I’m never going home again

The fading light of distant years
Seems so bright as darkness nears me now

Falling leaves and passing stars
Slowly descend with gentle power

I’m always changing plans
Time slipping through my hands
And soon you’ll know
You’re always alone here

You’re never going back
To where you started from
You’re always looking back
To things you might have done

You know you’re never going home again
Track Name: Holding On
I’ve been talking to myself
I can’t talk to no one else

Floating in dreams through stranger scenes
I don’t believe them anymore
Feel the soul I can’t control
Flowing through my bloodstream
I’m holding on for you

I’ve been walking in the rain
But I’m not feeling any pain

Falling asleep just counting sheep
Drifting through the underworld
Lost in time and feeling fine
Searching for that special dream
I’m holding on
I’m holding on
I’m holding on for you

I’ve been fighting with my head
I can’t decide if I’m alive or dead

Take each moment as it comes
Notice every passing hour
Say goodbye to better times
As the sweetness turns to sour
I’m holding on
I’m holding on
I’m holding on for you
Track Name: Don't Wanna Know
The food you ate last week
Doesn’t matter anymore
Everything it used to be
Has been flushed below the floor
And the toothpaste that was spat away
Is gone forevermore – so long

The crazy little monkey
Will not raffle off your thoughts
This scrappy little primate
Will not wear the clothes you bought
And all is never well
In the house right down the block – oh no
They don’t know what they’re doing
And they don’t wanna know

Do you think this t-shirt
Goes well with my pants?
And does the little monkey
Ever stop doing the dance
That spirals through the night
He’ll never get the chance again
No I don’t know what I’m saying
And I don’t wanna know

I’ve been trying to understand the meaning in the snow
I cannot remember all those years ago
I just cannot fathom how time can cease to flow
You cannot remember how this song’s supposed to go

So let’s just take the little monkey
And put him in a show
He should star in pictures
That’s where he’s meant to go
It’s sure to be a hit
And we’ll let the champagne flow – all night
‘Cause we don’t know what we’re watching
And we don’t wanna know
Track Name: Vitamins
Vitamins saved my life again last night
Will vitamins save my life again tonight?

Your body really needs a daily dose
Of all the little things it needs the most

You do not need a doctor to fight disease for you
Just take these little capsules and make your dreams come true

Vegetables saved my life again last night
Will vegetables save my life again tonight?

The writing on the label seems true
There’s really nothing else as good for you

You do not need a doctor to tell you what to do
Just eat up all the good things that are there for you

Vitamins saved my life
Track Name: War
What ya sayin?
What ya playin?
Where ya goin?
What ya knowin?
What comes next?

Is this something?
Or is it nothing?
‘Cause every morning
It’s just so boring
The sun comes up

But I don’t mind
What I can’t find
Because you don’t know me
You don’t own me
You don’t arm me for the war

It’s all so complicated
And slightly over-rated
You’re under-compensated
And discombobulated
But you look fine

We can take vacations
To undisclosed locations
After the celebrations
We’re back to man our stations
And life goes on


Is this something?
Or is it nothing?
‘Cause every morning
It’s just so boring
The sun comes up
Track Name: Nothing
The season’s cycle rolls along
As the germ of life flows in song
The mighty winds are
Filling my sails
I’m out of the boat and I’m
Into the whale

Feel the needle on your knee
Or the bold unspoken voice will plead
‘I’m dying to hold it,
The cup of despair.’
I thought it was molded
Right out of thin air
So I…

I grabbed my coat and I left for town
I said to myself, ‘Hey you,
You’re so nice to have around’
Around the town
We’ll burn it down

All the glistening nymphs agree
The world’s much better on TV
The willingly old ones are
Footing the bill
They don’t want to die but they
Probably will


Is there really nothing?
Or is there something there?
And when will we find out
If we should care?
Track Name: Food
Food for thought
Thought for food-yeah
Art for lunch
Just eat the mood-yeah

Your language is high
In salt and fats and sweets
The words are lacking in fiber
And vitamins A through Z

Food for thought
Thought for food-yeah
Ideas for brunch
You know you should-yeah

A steady diet of dogma
Just doesn’t satisfy
It leaves the mind malnourished
Forever asking why

Working off the pounds
Gotta get that diet right
Sweating with some truth now
Will help you feel alright

Track Name: Pass the Buck
Forgetful – That is what we are
All that went before got thrown out the door
You cannot learn from your mistakes
If you won’t admit you even made them

Gotta keep this once great ship aimed straight
Towards the cliff at the edge of the world
And when it finally sails right over
We’ll say it was all your idea

So you see- It was
Your fault
You did it
It wasn’t us
No how
It wasn’t us
Not now

Now we are surrounded by sea dragons
And we have holes in stern and bow
Our mast has snapped right off the deck
But we can’t imagine how

We did everything we wanted
All dissent, well, we pushed right through it
And when it all finally imploded
Well, it was you who made us do it

Don’t you see- It was
Your fault
You did it
It wasn’t us
No how
It wasn’t us
Not now
Track Name: Look Around
The last time that I saw you
You were looking kind of sad
You could not understand
Just how things had got so bad

Everything you tried to do
Had completely turned out wrong
When things don’t go your way
You just sing a lonely song

Just before it hits you that
What is lost just can’t be found
You are not the only one in town
Look around

The first time I tried writing this
The words would just not come
I couldn’t move the pencil
For my mind had gone all numb

I hit my head against the wall
To find my inspiration
But the more I tried to say it,
The less I could go on

Just before it hits you that
What is found cannot be lost
It is not a big deal anyway
Look Around

The next time that I call you
I will try to do my best to say
That all these things around us
Do not matter anyway

The only thing that matters
is you and I alone
All this other nonsense
Can’t be dealt with on the phone

Just before it hits you that
What you know just can't be said
There is no solution to be found
Look Around
Track Name: Life Eternal
I take flight above the blooming trees
In my mind are clouds and placid streams
Everywhere around there is nothing to mistrust
Everything is real but may soon all turn to dust

So look into the mystic cloud where earth and sky are one
Listen to the gentle sound that plays for everyone

Don’t hide your face amongst the greening leaves
Let the light project from your true being
Let the river flow on and on through time and space
Let the cool wind blow that keeps a smile upon your face

Fly into the setting sun before you say goodbye
Just let the natural courses run and let them take you higher

Then chase the fears of yesterday
For life eternal
Track Name: Isolation
Inside the vacuum
Untouched by air or time
An unburning fire
Waits for fuel
And passing fools
From outside the bubble

They shake their heads
In disgust or pity
At the lonely freak within
Yet each utterance
That he makes
Grows louder and more bold

So hear me
My voice as true as rain
Don’t peddle your broken wares
Here in this forsaken place

It’s all been said before
Don’t flush your toilet
In my ears
And expect an award for excellence

Dark clouds form on the skyline
But the wind is soft and warm
Falling to the ground
We fail to see the sky

Track Name: Oh Well
Well well
Oh Well
I will buy what you sell
Because I love you

Well well
Oh well
Ain’t we all doing swell
And I need you

You can go driving through the mountains
You could go sailing on the sea
You might go flying through the sky
But you can’t get home again

Well well
Oh well
Into the pit we all just fell
And I blame you

You can go dry up all the fountains
You could go chop down all the trees
You might just eat up all the pie
But you can’t go home again